Monday, March 10, 2014

The word "i"

(Huge props to the late great Ayn Rand.)

"I" have rights that no-one else can claim.
For "I" am of one mind, and one body.
"I" choose the friendships and institutions "I" think are of value.
"I" choose them not based on blood or societal influence.
"I" choose them because they are of distinct and selfish pleasure.
If "I" choose to never ever give one ounce of time or monies to charity in my lifetime, that is still a superior ideal than by compulsion.
If "I" choose what is deemed by others to be the wrong path in life, that is still superior than being forced into the right path.
If a god created my existence, "I" thank you, but "I" am not chained to you for "I" am of free will to determine my own fate.
If "I" choose to love another more than myself, "I" still have to consciously relinquish the "I" in me for that other.

No matter how hard bureaucrats, religionists, the majority, or society has tried throughout history to extinguish the "I" with "We", they can never do so, for "I" is mine by natural right.
They can imprison me, or even incinerate me, but they can never take away the "I" in me.
"I" am indeed (self)ish, and "I" apologize to no-one for such an ideal.
For to get to "We" one has to start with "I".