Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Health care expense rate slows

But Washington Bureau's Tony Pugh suggests it is an aberration.


St. Paul Pioneer Press' Edward Lotterman on mad cow disease.

A link from Random Thoughts on why Democrats keep choosing consultants who have a proven record of losing races.

The Imminent Demise of the Republican Party isn't something I'm buying, but thought was worth reporting.

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Lo said...

When one fails, one's first priority is to honestly assess what went wrong, and try to correct it next time. As long as the Left is unable to see why the GOP is currently trending upward in power, it will be unable to stop that trend.

Predictably, the author of that article on the "demise" of the GOP did not attempt to differentiate between why he believed the party -should- fail, and why he believed it -will- fail.

An argumentative piece relies naturally on rhetoric rather than facts, but the complete absence of anything remotely resembling hard information is unacceptably bad writing. "Preaching to the choir" is an acceptable style of writing; but even then, to abuse the metaphor, the choir deserves a few scraps of proverbial meat thrown its way. The piece in question is all fluff -- a three-course dinner consisting entirely of whipped cream.