Thursday, February 03, 2005

Reasons why I usually do not get caught up in Presidential speeches

1. The self-congratulating
2. The day after news coverage
3. Because President's are crooks...
4. ...and even worse, they wear suits and ties to hide their crookidness in front of the camera to the country
5. The empty promises
6. The carefully prepared speeches spoken by the President but written by someone else
7. The already expected applause
8. The acting
9. The "Why should I have to miss my favorite TV program for this?!"
10. The repeation of the same speech in the following days on several stations
11. The knowing there will be another one of these televised speeches in the not too distant future

1 comment:

Lo said...

The debates sucked. So did the 2000 debates.

Bush is not a "crook," however. Being disgusted with the political system does not make an excuse to sloppily paint all of its participants with the same brush.

Depressingly good points otherwise.