Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Never being wrong in political debate

My frustration with political debate, namely "conservatives," goes back to a message board I use to be a member of. One of the last replies I received was that "opinion pieces" are not factual and therefore not valid. This is completely correct. However, I have come to the conclusion that incriminating evidence on to an Administration rarely ever sticks. Nixon was one of the very few to step out of office. Evidence now from a conservative author suggests that those impeached charges were trumped up by the Democrats to put one of their own back in office.

So if I cannot conspire to my own conclusions after looking at what information is available, what can I do? I hope those that make these statements from one side of the fence will also allow the same freedoms with the politics from the other side.

What I'm trying to say is I have to presume to a certain extent that any administration in office is going to set up "meetings" behind closed doors that shut out the general publics knowledge of. The best I can do is see who is providing the more detailed arguments which includes not looking at the two-party system so black & white, us vs. them. The further I step outside the sphere the more I cannot reside in any given party because it becomes trading off of attacks. The same attacks that are nearly parallel in even though one party claims the other is only doing the misdeeding when in fact they are doing nearly the same thing.

I started out on this blog thinking that it seems conservatives have more corruption on liberals, and therefore I am center-right of the political equation. This is becoming less the case. What I'm tired of is the peachy picture either party portrays when common sense says it doesn't matter what party is in office. They both favor special interests before people interests.

In later posts I hope to focus on Reagan's "legacy" without linking to "opinion" pieces. In the meantime here are a couple on how our current Administration isn't the "religiousity" our President portrays.

Bush lies I
Bush lies II

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