Sunday, July 31, 2005

Right Nation: Not representing the Right, not representing anyone
In a way only a traitor could manage it former President and destroyer of the economy of the the 70's Jimmy Carter told terrorists it's OK to kill Americans because you're justified.

This is an outright lie. Not only did Carter not say those words, but he also said these:

Carter said, however, that terrorist acts could not be justified, and that while Guantanamo "may be an aggravating factor ... it's not the basis of terrorism."


He praised British police and intelligence services for the swift arrests in connection with the July 21 failed bombing attempts on London's transit system.

I'm very proud to be in a nation that stands so stalwart against terrorism with us," he said. "The people of my country have united our hearts and sympathy for the tragedy that you have suffered from terrorism."


I lurked around here for about a week. Sure it is a specific site with a specific purpose, but considering the republicans are a "big tent" party, this site is more like a compact tent. Discussions either seem to be almost everyone basically agreeing and slapping each other on the back, or nasty arguments devoid of substance. The threads that are the exception to this, the ones not about political or moral issues, are perfectly fine, but they are more interesting, more humorous, and flat out better at other forums.
-Fred Johnson, on Right Nation's Forum

I read the spiel delivered in this website and wonder to myself, are these people pushing conservative propaganga for monetary gain directly or indirectly, or are they really this blind and ignorant.

Either way. I feel sorry for you, and will try to forgive what you've done to this country and others. It's really is that there are people like you out there, scary almost. What happened to you as you were growing up? Who raised you? Who hurt you? What's wrong with you?


I found this site to be somewhat entertaining.

Though, I'm sure there is a left-wing equivalent of this, it seems rather pointless, no?

I find that there is little fun in debate among those who concur with your state of mind.

However, I read through some posts, and I read through some articles. And although I didn't exactly see eye to eye, I found that you have your knowledge spoon-fed to you in the same way the "left" are, just with opposite "facts".

I don't think the right is right, and I don't think the left is right.

I think we are still searching for what will make America great.

:salute: God bless.

-A Random Nobody

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