Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Ben Carson on abortion and rape/incest

Presidential candidate Ben Carson opposes nearly all abortions.  In other words, rape/incest is “killing babies” as are a couple who openly make love, find out she’s pregnant, and then abort the child under the presumption that they don’t want to take responsibility for their actions.  As if this needs to be explained, they are not the same action.  A woman who is forcefully raped, had no intention of having a child, and then has to endure a nine month pregnancy—well Ben Carson wouldn’t know anything about that because (a) he’s male, and (b) he has never had to experience what those women have had to endure.  It is an absolutist, extremist position just like his comment that being gay is “a choice” based on some gobbledegook about ‘when they go to prison their straight and when they get out their gay.’  Because some women who are raped might keep the child and produce a healthy, productive human being doesn’t mean ALL women should have to be forced into that position.  That’s what Doctor Carson believes in his religious thinking.  It’s ironic and sad because for all the talk of loving life and being “pro-life,” he doesn’t fully love life if a woman doesn’t have that choice under law. Even sadder is this is a candidate who now leads the GOP field who has extremist and homophobic positions.

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