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Global warmings whirlwind

Philip A. Cooney resigns
A former lawyer and lobbyist with the American Petroleum Institute, the main lobbying group for the oil industry, Mr. Cooney has no scientific training.


It'll be a good day when studies funded by “pro-environment” groups are given the same scrutiny as those funded by big business. The former’s research and shenanigans are as bad if not worse than the latters. Since I have done a 180 as a result of extensive research, and come to realize that the theory of (human induced) global warming is weak to say the least, it should therefore be obvious which side I view as the worst offender.

FYI, in light of the recent slew of pro-global warming misinformation in the press, I posted this morning Part I of my attempt to set the record straight on the global warming “consensus” falsehood.

Again, "attempting to set the record straight on global warming" has been tried to the point I'm not sure anyone can accurately tell it like it is. By this time there is too much money and politics to accurately come to a truth. As a conservationist/environmentalist, I've decided this is a mute point which has been lassoed by agendas.

However, this person makes a good point by saying environmentalists are not under the same radar as big business, but then either doesn't acknowledge or misses that "Mr. Cooney has no scientific training." It's a point that trumps itself because usually if you want to convey to the public your pro-environmental record, you hire people with scientific experience, not ones without experience, or atleast do a better job of faking it.

Then this author makes some powerful points on the falsehood of global warming here.

But wait a minute (comments on the article):

Sounds like a 'deja vu' of the 2003 Steven McIntyre paper published by the same journal that is going to publish the unnamed Harvard scientists study.

Responses to Steven McIntyre article in Energy and Environment

Prepared by the Union of Concerned Scientists, October 28, 2003

1. The journal Energy & Environment is not a science journal and does not follow standard practices of scientific peer review. The journal has the explicitly political agenda to be “a forum for sceptical analyses of ‘global warming.’”

2. The author of the paper, Steven McIntyre, has no prior track record of research on climate issues or any record of training in this field.

3. The paper is said to be a direct criticism of Michael Mann, et al's paper "Northern Hemisphere Temperatures During the Past Millennium: Inferences, Uncertainties, and Limitations” published in the mainstream climate research journal, Geophysical Research Letters in1999. In stark contrast to standard peer review practices, neither the authors of this study nor any leading paleoclimate scientists were asked to review Mr. McIntyre’s paper.

4. Contrary to this un-peer reviewed paper in a non-scientific journal, a number of studies have been published over the last several years by independent scientists using different data sources and methodologies replicating the basic finding that the late 20th century Northern Hemisphere average temperatures are anomalous in the context of the past 1000 years.

Bradley and coworkers in the prestigious journal “Science” published the most recent study coming to this conclusion only a couple weeks ago. The list of recent studies supporting this conclusion includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Bauer, E., M. Claussen, and V. Brovkin, Assessing climate forcings of the earth system for the past millennium, Geophys. Res. Lett., 30 (6), doi: 10.1029/2002GL016639, 2003.

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Gerber, S., F. Joos, P. Br├╝gger, T. F. Stocker, M. E. Mann, S. Sitch, and M. Scholze, Constraining temperature variations over the last millennium by comparing simulated and observed atmospheric CO2, Climate Dynamics, 20, 281-299, 2003.

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Mann, M.E., Ammann, C.M., Bradley, R.S., Briffa, K.R., Crowley, T.J., Hughes, M.K., Jones, P.D., Oppenheimer, M., Osborn, T.J., Overpeck, J.T., Rutherford, S., Trenberth, K.E., Wigley, T.M.L., On Past Temperatures and Anomalous Late 20th Century Warmth, Eos, 84, 256-258, 2003.

This article and opinion piece assert that the famous “hockey stick” diagram of recent rapid global warming (see attached) is incorrect. Both the USA Today op-ed by Schulz and the Energy and Environment (UK) article by McIntyre and McKitrick are false, misleading and biased. Neither contradicts the wealth of evidence that late 20th century Northern Hemisphere warmth is unprecedented in at least the past six centuries (and likely much longer).

· The Falsehood: The USA Today op-ed by Schulz contains the accusation that Dr. Michael Mann, lead author of the scientifically peer-reviewed articles on 20th century warming, “never made his data available online nor did many of the earlier researchers whose data Mann relied upon for his research. That by itself raises questions about the U.N. climate-change panel's scientific process.”

· The Fact: The data used by Mann and colleagues have been in the public domain for nearly two years, at the readily accessible website:

· The Misleading Statement: McIntyre & McKitrick say that they re-examined the Mann et al data and find the conclusions about warming to be inaccurate.

· The Fact: McIntyre and McKitrick – neither of whom is a scientist – did not re-examine Mann’s data. They analyzed jumbled datasets that combined several columns of figures – like trying to calculate a single grocery store receipt by adding data from five other cash registers. They then applied flawed methodologies to reach a result wildly at odds with the overwhelming weight of peer-reviewed science. Technically competent paleoclimatologists might have realized their errors – but neither author is a scientist, nor was the article peer-reviewed by any of the world’s leading climatologists. McKitrick is a long-time climate skeptic, and McIntyre’s principal qualification, according to his bio, is his thirty years working in the mining industry.

· The Unrevealed Biases: Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen, the editor of "Energy and Environment", has co-authored numerous pieces with fossil fuel industry-financed and/or industry-affiliated climate skeptics. By her own assertion, Ms. Boehmer-Christiansen follows a political agenda, rather than scientific standards of peer review.[1] Says Boehmer-Christiansen, who condemns the climate treaty as “unnecessary, unfair and self-interested,” "I'm following my political agenda -- a bit, anyway…isn't that the right of the editor?"

· TechCentralStation is financed in part by Exxon-Mobil Corporation.
(Usually to have credibility on the environment, one must be associated with similar organizations. -Bouncie)

For more information on how to get the real story from the world’s leading paleoclimatologists, contact Annie Petsonk at Environmental Defense at 202-365-3237.

[1] R. Monastersky, Chronicle of Higher Education, "Storm Brews Over Global Warming" (Sept. 5, 2003).

If anyone would care to share their ideas on this subject, please do. I've just about given up and need some refreshing from new sources.

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